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The Prince On Foot

grenepages_Wunmi Falodun MY LIVING HOPE_The Prince On FootWhen my godson was born, he was exclusively breastfed (please clap for his mum). However, as he grew a bit older, people from church and all around started giving him gifts of sweets, biscuits, chocolate and so on. He was not old enough to take those things, so his mother ended up giving some of them away to kids that were old enough to have them and whenever I was around, I used to target those things. It was normal for him for example to come back from Sunday school with a parcel that he cannot even partake. Therefore, I used to descend on those things, and I would tell him, "For now, this is how you pay me for taking good care of you, changing your diapers and being a good godmother to you, later on you'll do the big things, but for now, this stick of sweet is the fruit of my labor over you." The little human would not care, simply because he did not understand what I was talking about.
My little chap grew in wisdom and strength as the days went by, and I began to notice certain changes. Whenever he had a stick of sweet or biscuit and I tried to take it from him, he would fight back, he would struggle and sometimes even scream just to call his mother's attention. Wow! At that point, I knew he was aware of certain things. He even went as far as struggling with me for things that belonged to me. He finally became aware of his rights and privileges; he knew what belonged to him and knew that as my son, he had a right to my things.
This reminds me also of another story I heard about a certain man who was lodged in a five-star hotel on an official trip. Because he could not afford to pay for the food, he went on hunger strike not knowing that his five-star three square meal had already been paid for. Only for him to later find out that everything had been paid for; he just needed to ask. Ignorance lengthens captivity.
That is exactly how it is for us as believers. Everything we need for life and godliness as already been provided for us in Christ Jesus, we need to be aware and we need to mature. You can never partake of a thing you are ignorant of, and ignorance is costly. Ignorance is never a good enough excuse; it works to/for our disadvantage. Ignorance will make a prince walk on foot for hours upon hours while his servants ride his horse.
Today, so many believers are losing their rightful positions and giving footholds to the enemy, which he eventually turns to strongholds. You are a royal priesthood, now is the time to take your rightful place.
I wish you the best of God.


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‘Wunmi Falodun is a diligent and an addicted lover of God who believes in possibilities and interventions who does her best to live a simple Christian life by the help of God.

Alive to the responsibilities of divine greatness inherent in her and charged with the message of hope, she believes there are no hopeless situations with God.

Visit her website at www.mylivinghopealternatives.org

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