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Surviving A Difficult Time

grenepages_Ibukun Abraham MAXIMIZING TEEN-HOOD_Surviving A Difficult TimeGod did not promise us a difficulty free life; he only promised us victory through Christ our Lord. So do not be too burdensome because of this difficult time nations are going through right now. God has a purpose in every situation, including a very bad one like the one we are in right now in this country.
How can we therefore survive this situation?
Be Prayerful
The word of God says that we should pray without ceasing. When you turn to God in prayer in a difficult time like this, He gives you strength to go on. You will also enjoy certain level of favor that will make things quite easier to for you. Through prayer, God gives you direction as per what to do, where to go and probably who to go to for certain assistance with a guarantee of favor.
Be Hopeful
Even when it seems that your prayer is not receiving a quick answer; just be hopeful and steadfast in doing good. God will surely answer when you do not give up too soon. Have assurance that things will be better.
Be Diligent
Bible says whatsoever your hands find to do, do it with all thy might.
Do not be too proud to find certain honorable but small jobs too low for you to do. Remember, the token that comes into your hand at the end of the day is better than nothing. At least it saves you from being totally dependent on people. Moreover, who knows maybe from that small job you will be promoted or you may meet a destiny helper. Despise not the days of little beginning. Do not be lazy.
Be Thankful
This is the will of God concerning us in Christ Jesus. Do not just thank God alone in prayer; let it be a lifestyle. After all, many people who are better and richer than you are dead. Therefore, for every little blessing you get, be thankful for it and see how God will come to your rescue.
Come to think of it, why does God allow us to go through difficult times?
To produce strength of character in us
If you haven't gone through a tough and rough time before, how do you know your strength level? By the time you come out of a difficult situation, there is no way you will not become better or stronger, except you refuse to learn because God will not force you to learn. How do you know if you can resist the temptation of stealing if you are not faced with a situation that will almost leave you with no choice but to steal? However, when you stand your ground not to steal no matter what happens, then you have become stronger in that area of your life.
To strengthen our faith in God
Difficult situations have a way of pushing even the worst sinners to God. Why will you have faith in God if all you want is available at the snap of your fingers? However, when you are faced with lack, disappointment, discouragement, failure, etc., then you surely would have no choice in most cases than to turn to the One who never fails.
To help us know our true friends
Your true friends are the ones that stand by you when the going gets tough, but when things are working out well, everybody is your friend. Difficult situations enable you know those that are worthy to be called friends.
So you now agree with me that God has you in mind in every situation of your life? See you next time!


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Ibukun Abraham is a lover of God who desires to see the kingdom of God established on earth in the lives of men. She is an inspirational writer with a passion to empower teenagers to discover and fulfill God's purpose for their lives.

Ibukun who authors Path to Love Teens loves to make people happy and hopeful in this world where hope seems lost.

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