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grenepages_Toyin Seth-Ogungbe TEE-WAI_...Miracle...I had the privilege to visit an orphanage recently, and the experience was humbling, exciting, emotional and altogether fulfilling. I met such happy and beautiful kids. One child stood out as she touched my humanity in a way I do not encounter every day. Her name; Miracle.
She is a beautiful girl who cannot walk, talk nor hear. I noticed her gently move her shoulder to the music and I wondered if she was hopping excitedly around like the other kids in her mind. She seemed accustomed to sitting on one spot all day. Her eyes spoke a thousand words, as I sensed her acceptance of her reality. While others jumped, hugged, danced and sang, she just watched smiled slightly and mostly had a straight face. I wondered if she was used to everyone reaching out to others and waving at her from a distance. As I moved closer to her, I reached for her cheeks, and she smiled. That smile could light up a room. It brought me to tears. And no, I don't cry that easily. I sat by her and held her hands as we played a silent 'pick a hand' game. When it was time to leave, I had a group hug with the others and then I approached her and before I could, she lifted her arms as far as she could to initiate her goodbye hug and I gave her an embrace. I wished I could imprint in her heart with that hug that she was beautiful, loved and perfect in God's eyes. I thank God for the opportunity.
Miracle reminded me love is louder in actions than spoken words. We spoke so much without a word. I left that home feeling as if she spoke to me, as if she was saying; Ty, you have ears that hear, a mouth that can speak and legs that can walk; so you have no excuse not to be all that you can be. So I am reminded to say 'I love you' in words and in deeds to those who mean the world to me, because the fact that I can say it, is a miracle. I could choose to dwell on the things that are not going right or make the best of what is and work hard and aspire for much more. The fact that I have life is a miracle. Love is a language that the blind can see and the deaf can hear. Show some love today, because you can, because life is miracle.
To the ones who envision and build these homes, nurture the orphaned and abandoned, give their time, money and life to putting a smile on their faces, you are super heroes. God will honour you exceedingly.


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Toyin Seth-Ogungbe’ is a vessel with an addiction to God, his word and his creation. She has a passion for relationships and takes pride in her femininity.

Tee- Wai is inspired by every little detail  experienced in her daily living and networking with people.

Toyin co-authored with her Dad the book Chip Off The Old Block, a suspense-filled compilation of short stories, which explores the intricate details of true-to-life characters.

Chip Off The Old Block

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