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Let Your Words Become Flesh

grenepages_Tobi Olowookere GRACEDPAGES_Let Your Words Become Flesh "Wow! Yes! That's it!" Those are words we hear from people who feel they just conceived a million dollar idea.
"Now that's just the solution," he or she says to himself. Next, he sees himself in a class of like minds and starts relating the idea to them. "I have this idea; do you think it's going to work?" Another "Wow" springs from there. "You are a genius." Then, the Christian in him gets on his knees to say, "Thank you father for this great inspiration. Thank you also for bringing it into accomplishment."
The mind of a man is actually flooded with thousands of ideas each day. Convincingly, we can say that lack of ideas is never a problem and should never be mentioned. The major problem is the lack of implementation of the ideas we daily conceive. As much we have turned "Procrastination is a thief of time" into a United Nations anthem, procrastination never stops stealing our time and killing all the great ideas, we conceive daily.
I have learnt something from God. Sometimes ago, He conceived a great idea. It was an idea capable of saving the whole world from sin and death. Just as every great word, speech and action begins with an idea, in the beginning was the word, the word was with God, and the word was God. (1)
In the beginning was the word and the word was with God...
He ruminated on the idea and thought to himself, "What a great idea this is!" He never allowed the idea to fly away. He kept it with him. He arrested that idea. That is where most of us get it wrong.
"Oh! What a great idea" and that is all we do about it. Before we know, it is gone. We have forgotten. This is just one of the cases where the faintest pen proves better than the sharpest brain. Write it down as soon as it occurs to you and you have it with you for life. Let the word be with you as the word was with God. Would you believe even God advises that ideas be scripted?
"And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it" (2)
Keep the idea with you by writing it down. That proves to be the best method ever known. Unfortunately, it is not necessarily he that recieveth that runneth. It is him that readeth, that runneth. If he that received refuses to read the vision, he may not run.
The word was God...
The idea became God's consummation. He so digested the idea, that it became a major project. Everything about Him just wanted to carry out that idea. He must have thought about it repeatedly. He must have built several strategies to implement that idea. He gave the idea every shot, just to ensure it sees the light of the day. For anyone who will ever implement an idea, that is what it looks like. As it comes to you, let it stay with you, and let it become you.
God did not stop at just been passionate about carrying out this vision. If He had stopped at that, we all will still be slaves to sin today. Soon, "… the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth" (3)
God's idea left the phase of just an idea, it left the phase of written ideas, and it became concrete. God carried it out for all to see. God implemented His idea. Everyone saw it manifest. That is our father laying a perfect example for us that every idea he gives to us must be made manifest. The word became flesh, something we can see and touch.
Unfortunately, the only thing most people do with their ideas is to boast about them. Some even party on ideas, but the implementation; it never happens.
The Holy Spirit himself inspires us with so many revelations, but the time to carry them out remains tomorrow; a tomorrow that never comes. The implementation of the idea that God conceived is the reason we live today. The bible says, "We beheld his glory, full of grace and truth." Full of grace means, it was a huge success. Full of truth means, it was a huge breakthrough. It was unbeatable. That is what happens to every idea that occurs to you and stays with you when arrested and well thought of.
"And the word was with God…" tells me that God did not rush into implementation just as it occurred to him; he took his time to plan.
As the word was in the beginning, I know you have an idea now. Let it stay with you as it was with God, in fact, let zeal of it consume you, as the word was God. It shouldn't stop there, let it become flesh. Let it dwell among us; let us behold its glory as a one that can come only from a unique person like you.
Your world is waiting!
The earnest expectation of creation awaits the manifestation of the sons of God. (4)
Go! Succeed!
(1) John 1:1
(2) Habakkuk 2:2
(3) John 1: 14
(4) Romans 8: 19


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Tobi Olowookere is the author of gracedpages where some of his thought provoking inspirations are documented.

A graced writer, Tobi believes that no matter what it takes, everyone must carry out their God assigned responsibilities. He's committed to writing and speaking to his generation on this subject.

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