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Who's Driving?

grenepages_Toyin Seth-Ogungbe TEE-WAI_Who's DrivingThis was an opportunity of a lifetime; I needed someone to pinch me as it all felt like a dream. So here was my chance…finally! I had barely slept through the night for fear I may lose track of time and miss this prospect. I could hardly eat, a few spoons and I felt so full. The excitement had filled me up and I just needed today to be perfect. A day before, I had asked my closest friends to go shopping with me so I could pick the perfect dress. Quite satisfied with my eventual choice and general look, I rushed before my standing mirror one last time, I couldn’t help but notice one hair strand standing loosely across my eye brow so I gently put it back in its place to keep from ruining the entire weave I had spent four hours and a good sum making yesterday. Brushed up and good to go, I pick my bag and I felt like a million dollars…literally. Rehearsing my winning smile as I walked out to get a cab I giggled to myself wondering, “If only they know all the effort I had put into this look.”
Frustration was fast crawling in on me as my feet hurt from the heels I had put on having stood for the last 45 minutes with no cab in sight. Another bus was approaching and I was contemplating settling for the bus to move me closer to my destination if nothing else. “I will simply use their rest room to put my look back in place,” I thought to myself. In no time, I was seated in the bus and headed to my destination and the day was looking as bright as it started again. God must have heard my prayer against a traffic jam. It was a smooth ride so far. “What’s that sound?” A lady by my right asked looking somewhat worried. “Sounds like the tyre,” another commuter replied. While still trying to process their conversation, the conductor tapped me saying, “Aunty come down fuel don finish and we wan change tyre”… “Say what?” I asked in utter shock. As I stepped down it occurred to me we were on Third Mainland Bridge, the car was out of fuel and it was 9.45am. How was I to give my presentation at 10.00am?
As if reading my thoughts, the driver shows up looking something between drunken and sleepy, explaining to us disinterestedly how the conductor was going to go get fuel and come back in no time. At that instant, it occurred to me for the first time that I had ticked every other box to make this presentation except the most important. I had not bothered to know who was driving. “Mogbe,” I said aloud with my arms on my head.
I challenge you today to identify whom/what is driving your life. It’s not enough to talk the part, look the part and act the part. Let God drive you, you can never go wrong on his side!


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Toyin Seth-Ogungbe’ is a vessel with an addiction to God, his word and his creation. She has a passion for relationships and takes pride in her femininity.

Tee- Wai is inspired by every little detail  experienced in her daily living and networking with people.

Toyin co-authored with her Dad the book Chip Off The Old Block, a suspense-filled compilation of short stories, which explores the intricate details of true-to-life characters.

Chip Off The Old Block

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