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Real Answers To Real Issues 3

grenepages_Sanmi Akintayo WORD ALIVE_Real Answers To Real Issues 3QUESTION: I need your counsel, I just found out that my fiancé has been cheating on me. I really love him, please what should I do?
ANSWER: The fact that your fiancé is cheating on you is a clear sign that he is not fully committed to you. You shouldn’t marry a man that has an alternative or substitute to you. If a man is cheating on you during courtship he will most likely cheat on you in marriage. I will advise you to quit the relationship, it is too early for you to start patching it up. You shouldn’t marry a man that you can’t trust.
As to the fact that you love him, there is nothing wrong with your loving him, you are supposed to love a man that you are engaged to. However, loving him is not enough; he is supposed to be faithful to you if you are going to have a happy home. Don’t marry a man who is not faithful to you. I know some young men whose marriages are under a year and are cheating on their wives. I’m sure you don’t want to marry a man like that. I strongly advise that you pull out of the relationship and trust God to bring a man that will be faithful to you into your life. It is well with you.

QUESTION: I want to ask about money lotteries and sport betting. Is it ok for a Christian?
ANSWER: I believe Christians should not get involved in any form of lottery or betting. Another word for lottery is “GAMBLE”. We are children of God and we don’t gamble.
You also need to know that money lotteries and betting are organized form of cheating, and no form of cheating is acceptable by bible standard. Some people lose their money in lotteries and betting while others gain from the loss of others. This is a form of cheating. Neither lottery nor betting is one of God’s ways of blessing His people. You should rather work and trust God to bless the work of your hand. As believers, we should avoid looking for cheap money outside God’s standard. It is the blessing of the Lord that makes us rich and not any form of cheating, betting or lottery.
God bless you.


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Sanmi Akintayo is a teacher of the Word of God and shows people how to live a victorious and purposeful life with a commitment to see people become all that God wants them to be.

Akintayo is the author of WordAlive, Real Leaders, CAMPUSXTIANS and the book Overcoming The Devil By The Word of God.

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