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When He Comes...

grenepages_Tosin Iosef Kehinde INKED WORDS_When He ComesAnd this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.
Matthew 24:14 KJV

And, behold, I come quickly; …
Revelation 22:12 KJV

Nothing is hid from us if we ask aright. Nothing! Except the date or hour of HIS return. Don’t feel bad, even our Lord Jesus DOESN’T know it.
I however find it intriguing that while we have been given the power and ability to hasten this date, we are oblivious of this power or, better put, prefer to ignore its potency.
There are steps we would rather take to delay it unwittingly. The singular reason for this might be that WE ARE NOT READY.
‘Now come Lord…’ is a statement of someone who IS ready. Are we bold enough to make this declaration right away?
After Jesus left, there was a growth in the Church that could only be described as phenomenal. That’s in the general opinion an understatement. I know some might argue that it was a ‘new religion’ OR ‘they were merely after miracles’ OR ‘they were only interested in the daily food’
I am not here to support or refute, but to state my facts, which as inspired by the Holy Spirit, I have come to know as the Truth.
We were told by Prophet Haggai that ‘…the desire of nations shall come…’
To further buttress the point, I would ask that you try introducing a fertile seed in a dry and patchy land. It would abide alone and eventually get spoilt. The movement in the church of God was and is not something we can describe. Now that is what makes it Divine.
Someone once said when we give God our ordinary, HE adds some extra and we end up with something extraordinary. Similarly, our natural (in God’s hands) becomes supernatural.
The Apostles were SOLD OUT. A property that is sold out is no longer of interest to previously interested buyers simply because it is no longer available. IT NOW HAS A SINGLE OWNER WHO CAN DO AS HE DESIRES WITH IT.
We should not be afraid of what happens when HE comes IF we are ready and vice versa. There are few things more annoying than a servant ignoring his master’s instruction.
I remember keeping sleepless night just to be prepared for quiz competitions in which I won perishable prizes such as Math set or towels. In this particular case, we are being told of the prize awaiting faithful and diligent labourers include the Crown of righteousness…
“Woe is I if I preach not…” “I am damned if I don’t partake in the harvest…” [Paraphrased] We have suddenly become so relaxed and lethargic, that we now think, “So long as I am saved, I am OK.” NO!!!
Congratulations to you when he returns, you are found in right standing and get a mansion. However, may I quickly ask you, ‘What is the glory of a king without a crown?’ ‘What are the expectations of Heaven?’ ‘How much joy have you brought to Heaven?’ ‘What is the prize awaiting you?’
Whereas the field is ripe, we (the few available labourers) must intensify our effort. Don’t seat in the midst of the harvest: WORK!!! Don’t allow the harvest to get spoilt: BRING IT IN!!!
We that are saved, the necessity is laid on us to ‘ARISE for the salvation of others.’
Now that is a command. Heaven is counting on us…


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Driven by purpose and Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Tosin Iosef Kehinde is glad to INK WORDS as inspired.

With a writing ‘habit’, which has been nurtured from infancy, he believes the world is a result of spoken words, the potency of which cannot be quantified.


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