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It’s Now Trendy To Be Busy

grenepages_Femi Sobayo TREASURES-IN-JAR OF CLAY_It’s Now Trendy To Be Busy“Busy is a drug that a lot of people are addicted to.” Rob Bell
About a month ago, while I was getting myself ready for work, my wife came up to me with one of her observations since the year began; “Ademi, this year you have not been studying the Bible as you used to”. I went blank! That was true, sharp and clear.
Her observation stems from the reduction in my usual addiction to the Bible. One of those things that make me enjoy life is the Scriptures. I usually would be seen in the middle of nights studying the Scriptures like I have an exam on it at work the next day. I was always seen with earpiece on my way to work and from work listening to my audio Bible or enjoying worship. In addition, I spend my Saturdays with my 22-versions Bible comparing verses here with verses there. It seemed to her that all of those have been reduced to the morning devotion Bible time and Sunday involvements like Sunday-Sunday medicine. The other time has been substituted for by ‘busyness’; I have been busy these days.
It sounds cool to have to keep saying, “I have been busy”. However, as good as that may actually appear, it is one of the most destructive sentences there is today. Somehow, we feel important to know that we are here and there. We should not feel so. We should rather feel more accomplished that we are here doing the Father’s bidding.
Maybe you have been more active at work, maybe your business has received a boost, maybe you have had more church activity engagements now than in the past year or you have been reading for some exams. My wife’s observation may apply to us all in different version. Moreover, our own explanation may seem ‘right’, ‘We have been too busy these days’. Haven’t we?
One of the killers of destinies is uncharted busyness. The world is moving so fast and so quickly. It is becoming harder to focus on the call with so many distractions from office, church, businesses, friends, families etc. While these are part of your life, your real life is your call. In addition, Life is more than all. We are not called to be busy just for the sake of it; we are called to fulfil purpose. We are called to constantly fellowship with God and while there are other things that come to us along that line, the central focus should not be neglected. Don’t get overwhelmed. You need to maintain that balance.
I think we all need constant check-ups. ‘Perform an examination on yourselves’ (OJB). ‘Check your faith! Are you really in the faith?’ (The Voice), 2Corinthians 13:5. We need to constantly look into the mirror and assess how well we are following and growing. Let’s not be submerged in the ocean of activities that keep us away from the core. Keep busy with your call which is the core of your existence here.
“Never get busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”


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Femi Sobayo a treasure and wisdom seeking organism, believes that in us all, are in-exhaustive deposits of God-given treasures for the profiting unto the Maker. Hence, we should live full and die empty.

He is the author of Treasures-in-Jar of clay

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