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Where Have You Laid Him?

grenepages_Tobi Olowookere GRACEDPAGES_Where Have You Laid HimTherefore, when Jesus saw her weeping, and the Jews who came with her weeping, He groaned in the spirit and was troubled. And He said, "Where have you laid him?"
John 11:33-34a NKJV
Lazarus was their brother. They were supposed to take the best care of him. Something went wrong along the line. Lazarus got sick and died. Jesus came and asked; “Where have you laid him?” They showed him the tomb. He woke Lazarus from the dead and gave the three a new beginning.
The vision was given to you to nurture. You are supposed to labour and see it manifest, yet you were so careless. The vision died in your hands and it has started to decay. Jesus, the one who gave you that vision is asking today, “Where is that vision? Where have you laid him?”
That child was given to you by God to nurture and bring up in His way. Yet you were either so careless or busy with other things that the child has gone wild in the streets. People keep wondering; “Does this child have a parent at all?” The master; the one who gave you that child is here and he asks; “Where is that child right now? Where have you laid him?”
That church was handed over to you to pastor. Things were so right when you stepped in. Somewhere along the line, life has gone out of your church. A mere societal gathering, Zion has been reduced to. The High Priest is here, asking; “Where is the church I handed over to you? Where have you laid him?”
That book was given to you to write. You received it open-heartedly. Yet all you could do was to keep it under your cloths. You keep a revelation so great to yourself. You keep wondering if the book is good enough for the prints. You keep being concerned about how you will sell it. The one who gave you the inspiration has come, and He is asking; “Where is the book? Where have you laid him?”
That company was in a good shape before you came into office. You came in, had access to money and forgot all you ever learnt about greed. Now your purse is fat, while the company is dead and buried. Jesus asks you today, “What has happened to this company? Where have you laid him?”
That Country used to be the chief among its equals. You came in and reduced it to a bag of corruption. The master is asking you today; “What has happened to your country? Where have you laid him?”
…They said to Him, "Lord, come and see."
John 11:34b NKJV
It is still the season of grace. He asks because He wants to help you. The master is not here to punish yet. He is not here to apportion blames. He is not here to judge who is right and who is wrong. The master is not here to see who caused it and who did not. The master is here, asking questions because He wants to help and give you a new beginning.
When Mary and Martha showed Him where they laid Lazarus, they had a new beginning.

Would you stop hiding from Him and show Him the tomb? Roll away the stone and let him call forth your Lazarus. Do not be like Cain who answered wrongly, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”
“Master, come and see…” That response brings a new beginning… a new Life.


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Tobi Olowookere is the author of gracedpages where some of his thought provoking inspirations are documented.

A graced writer, Tobi believes that no matter what it takes, everyone must carry out their God assigned responsibilities. He's committed to writing and speaking to his generation on this subject.

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