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Up And Inspired

grenepages_Joan Abimbola MINISTERING RHYTHMS_Up And Inspired

Wake up and get inspired
True- many times life do get us tired
But when we hold tight to Him who never retires
Even at our weakest, we’re still on fire….

Oh! I have seen the most fragile bodies
Strong at heart, surviving the toughest burdens
Yes! I have seen frail hands
Crafting great works that will ever stand

The strongest are not those who never cry
They are those who cry and still wear a smile
The toughest are not those who are never scared
They are those who stand anyway, facing their fears

The bravest are not the warriors able to dodge all spears
They are those who still fight, though wounded & stressed
The wisest are not those who have always been right
They are those who have missed it many times

No amount of failure can stop them from winning
‘Cos you’ll never find them quitting
Then you wonder if by their strength they do this
No! No!! It’s a stronger Power within:-

The Power of the HOLY-GHOST
The WORD and all that ensure their constant growth
The Fire HE uses to purify them as gold
The Godsends that help them; those wonderful souls….

It’s not the drug called “hard”
Not those things that come with strong wine
It’s the Spirit of God most high:-
The Indispensable, the One you must have!

Behold, God is my helper; The Lord is with those who uphold my life. Psalms 54:4 (NKJV)


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Joan Abimbola is a freelance journalist, pianist, songwriter, singer, inspirational writer and performance poet. Her mission is to see everyone in the right heart (love) for God, be a blessing to those who are downcast and ignite a great zeal for their God-given purpose.

She is the author of joanministeringrhythms, a collection of Poetic rhythms and Psalms.


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