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Whose Vessel Are You?

grenepages_Ibukun Abraham MAXIMIZING TEEN-HOOD_Whose Vessel Are You?

But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver, but also of wood and clay, some for honor and some for dishonor. 2 Timothy 2:20 NKJV

According to the above scripture, everyone can be likened to a vessel. Though there might be differences in quality, but the quality does not determine the outcome of the vessel. The vessel determines its future depending on the purpose it serves. For instance, if a golden vessel were used to pack dirt or pieces of paper on the street, would you desire it because it is made of gold? However, imagine a wooden vessel with jewelry made of diamonds inside or a clay vessel filled with foreign currencies inside. Which one would you choose? This is to tell you that your quality which has to deal with your looks, your background gifting, potential, upbringing, intellectual abilities, etc. are not as important as what you do with them.

Now, of what use is the child of a billionaire with no tangible impacts in the lives of the people compared to the child of a poor man who grew up to save lives maybe with his/her medical expertise, advocating for the less privilege, seeking justice for people, speaking out against child molestation etc.?

 A vessel to honor is the one that adds value to the lives of others and truly represents God on earth. Such a vessel commands honor before God and man.

Being a vessel unto honor has nothing to do with what qualities, privileges or opportunities you have or you don’t have. Inside everyman is a uniqueness that God can use to turn us into a superstar if only we allow Him

Let us look at David, a despised vessel. His father and brothers cared less about him, but because he loved God, he became a vessel unto honor.

Let us look at his profile. He was a shepherd, a singer, an instrumentalist, a warrior, a psalmist, a leader etc. He was very blessed with potentials and good looks. All of these would have amounted to nothing if he had not used them to serve God and humanity. This is what it means to be a vessel to honor.

Esther was a slave who ended up in the palace as a queen. She put her life on the line and fasted her way into favor. She eventually stood for the deliverance of her people (Esther 2:5-7, 17-18. Esther 4:15-16).

As you can see, your background is no longer an excuse, the fact that you are not multi-talented as David is not an excuse. That potential inside of you can bring honor to God depending on how you use it.

Nelson Mandela was not talented as David, but he loved the freedom of his people than his life, he eventually became one of the world’s most honorable men.

So what quality do you possess? Is it kindness, love, patriotism, leadership, writing etc.? It is high time you stopped thinking you are disadvantaged because of your parent’s poverty or they despise you or you think you are unintelligent and untalented like your mates.

Jonathan and Jeannie Hansen adopted Melita, a Somali female child who at 6 days old was slaughtered and abandoned to die. She was found by a Nigerian UN soldier in the trash can.

They fought for the life of that child in order to adopt her and won the case against the Islamist Community, which was trying to resist a Christian adopting a Muslim child in a Kenyan court. Now the girl is alive with hope of a brilliant future.

I have good news for you, God can use that “small” quality of yours to serve humanity and to bring honor to Himself and to you. Stop wishing you were born rich; many women and men of honor were not born rich.

How Do I Become A Vessel Unto Honor?

Therefore if anyone cleanses himself from the latter, he will be a vessel for honor, sanctified and useful for the Master, prepared for every good work. 2 Timothy 2:21 NKJV

  1. Decide you want to be a vessel unto honor.
  2. Repent of your sin (e.g. lies, fornication, backbiting, alcoholism, gossip, drunkenness, drug addiction etc.)
  3. Have a strong desire to live a life of impact not just to have cash and live large.
  4. Be ready to go through God’s process. To whom much is given, much is expected. Your process is determined by your assignment, calling or destiny. Be ready to follow God’s leading.

Maybe you should go and study the story of David in the Bible, and Nelson Mandela of South Africa to understand that it’s not a cheap or easy way but it’s worth the pain. So, stop looking for fast lane. 

Characteristics Of A Vessel To Honor

Benefits Of Being A Vessel Unto Honor


You do not need a figure 8, good background or many talents to become a vessel unto honor. All you need is to nurture the God-seed in you, decide to use your life to serve God and humanity and see how much honor your life will attract.



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Ibukun Abraham is a lover of God who desires to see the kingdom of God established on earth in the lives of men. She is an inspirational writer with a passion to empower teenagers to discover and fulfill God's purpose for their lives.

Ibukun who authors Path to Love Teens loves to make people happy and hopeful in this world where hope seems lost.

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