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The Pain Of Cheating

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When I consider the consequences of cheating for a husband, I usually do not start with the pain of an innocent wife, in fact, that’s about the last on my priority list.

The pain in my heart starts from the quandary created by the man for himself.
Especially when the side chick has a baby for you and becomes a mistress. It’s dangerous because that woman is never going to have enough of you, she is going to want more.

And when you open yourself to a woman who can cheat with another woman’s husband, you must know you have a DANGEROUS companion already. Now, your reasoning should tell you such person can go diabolical, they are usually close to it, if they aren’t, their family or they keep a friend that can.

They desperately want more of your attention, so they inflict pain on your wife and perhaps your children. It does not matter how much you love the sex or comfort they offer, hurting your family will hurt you. That’s your life investment.

But the question would be, who exposed them to such evil?


I take it as letting the devil put a straw into your destiny and sipping it.

You get torn between two women, with different requests for you before their gods/God.

Adultery is exposing yourself to the enemy; wasting your energy.

And when you grow old, you have children who despise you, who do not honour you, for some piece of vagina, that your wife has.

I feel the pain of the cheated wife, but I usually feel more pain for the careless man. When you set out to cheat, remember the devil is always waiting with an ovulating woman, who can turn your life into a complex quadrangle in minutes.

It’s not worth it!

Godliness with contentment...


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Akinwumi Adeoye of Akinwumi's Handwritings is a young lady, who's found passion for reading and writing since her teen years.

A God addict, she is thrilled by new words and beautiful writings

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