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Disciplining You

Adeyinka Oresanya THE DAUGHTER’S INSPIRATION_Disciplining You



That word does not dish out a pleasant feeling. Yet, it is one of the most acknowledged and indispensable traits of highly successful people. it is a quality going into extinction amongst our generation today.

Ours is a generation of NOW. 

We want to wear the best clothes NOW, ride the best car NOW, be a CEO/girl boss NOW, marry and become rich NOW, be listed under Forbes NOW, become a fellow of multiple organizations NOW,  be known all over social media NOW and be known all over the world NOW.

So we are always on the run, crushing every single thing that dare to stand in our paths from marriage to family to friendships to our very own integrity.

We are the throwaway generation. When things get broken, from shoes to marriage, we don’t think twice before we throw away. We don’t even know what a glue or sweetener is. Who has the patience? Abeg! We say.

The glitz and glamour of the media are our role models, never mind that most of those standing in the glitz had worked their sweats off to be standing there.

The ‘Have it all, Have it NOW’ syndrome is the reason why a girl who is still an undergraduate would insist that the boy she would ever consider to court or even marry be rich NOW. Never minding that he is just a student like her with a potential that should be allowed to manifest into reality in its own time. No, she wants to see the manifestation NOW, in the trappings of a car, expensive dates, surprise gifts and whatnots.

Hey, a girl should desire good stuff and that her man be able to shower good stuff on her, but insisting on that desire with a man just finding his feet is ridiculous. Also is passing up a man that you know in your heart of hearts would be a good husband just because he is not rich. More absurd is sucking the life and peace out of your husband so that you can keep up with the Kardashians.

The ‘Have it all, Have it now’ syndrome positions us in a desperate place where we easily make wrong choices. In addition, wrong choices steal peace, joy and sense of fulfillment from us. We don’t want to be in those shoes, do we?

So homegirl, let’s cultivate the art of patience, of hope, of contentment, of discipline, of constantly evaluating—checking and crosschecking—our feelings, attitudes and motives in order to ensure that these will lead us to the choices and steps that take us to the end line of peace, joy and fulfillment. 

I have found that having God and following His Word as a guide to life through the help of the Holy Spirit makes this easier.

I am walking on this journey and would love you to walk with me. Would ya?

Please, stay beautiful!


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Adeyinka Oresanya is a passionate Christian novelist, whose love for the Lord, His word and writing has birthed more than ten short stories, including the popular The Struggling Virgin, and two novels. She is the editor of The Daughter's Inspirations Fiction Pamphlets for teens, which has blessed many readers. She is an avid reader and committed teenage teacher.
Visit her website at www.adeyinkaoresanya.com



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