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Get In!

grenepages_Akinwumi Adeoye AKINWUMI'S HANDWRITINGS_Get In!I will tell you why you don’t have all the time to join the train of salvation and godliness.

I understand your human logic.

If I tell you that you can always graduate from the university, whether you take the first year exam or you jump in for the final year paper alone, a rational human would probably opt for the latter.

It is easier and calculative.

And the salvation experience is always sold like that often times than not.

It is partly true, but deeper than that.

It is the ‘milk concentration’ that has been sold to you. The surface form of it.

On a post that I made long ago, my friend Ayomide reminded me how I would teach as a Sunday school teacher during our Master’s degree few years ago where I met her in the UK.

She reminded me of a statement I made.

It brought gladness to my heart.

You know I could have convinced myself that salvation could wait till I am 78 and I am about checking out?

But I would have missed the meat of the matter.

Can you imagine if I am still struggling with fornication and the issue at hand is still how they are trying to force me to join the Choir so I can attend Church regularly let alone yield to Jesus?

I would have lost the privilege to impact all the people I have. If it sounds like a boast to you, trust me, it is in the Lord. I gave my life to Christ many times too until I did once and for all.

I wish that unlike Joshua, your report card would show that you were able to possess all the lands you were designed to conquer.

It is why I say, get on the road on time.

There is still room!

Come in!


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Akinwumi Adeoye of Akinwumi's Handwritings is a young lady, who's found passion for reading and writing since her teen years.

A God addict, she is thrilled by new words and beautiful writings

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