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Stand Firm

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Again, as always, I say stand at your duty post.

Stop looking about for what is not missing.

I reckon that the century we live in is evolving at an untamed pace that makes it easy to blur the line between the Church and the world, but if you stick with the scriptures without modification, He will find you faithful.

Different batches of people are going to pass through your post at several intervals, just stand firm...

Some who have passed may take their hands off the plough a while later, just stand firm...

Some are going to catch the fire stronger than you who witnessed to them, just stand firm...

Some are going to castigate you for your stringent or even less stringent mode of dressing, but will no longer be standing years later, just stand firm...

And that everyone is getting weary is not enough reason to walk away from your post, just stand firm...

Sá rójú dúró, má sekùn!

Just remain steadfast in your post.

Someday, you will account for whether you made the world wait forever for your manifestation or not.


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Akinwumi Adeoye of Akinwumi's Handwritings is a young lady, who's found passion for reading and writing since her teen years.

A God addict, she is thrilled by new words and beautiful writings

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