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Doctrines Or God

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Many believers these days have replaced God with doctrines. The moment they are observing their church’s doctrines, they think God is happy with them. Am I against doctrines? No! Is bible against doctrines? No!. However, for a believer to think all that makes him/her a true child of God is by strictly following the doctrines of his/her church, is the most self-deceiving thing that could happen to such a Christian.

Doctrines are good, they help us to understand the law of moderation and help us to be self-conscious which of cause is good. However, many believers these days are carried away by the doctrines than being carried away by the God of the doctrines. So many believers believe that as far as they can follow their church’s doctrine, God is pleased with them. Though some of those doctrines were born out of godliness and passion for God, you can be following them without your heart following God.

I have seen the ‘ideal Christian’ with no earrings, no attachment on their hair, in fact no powder of any kind, but yet they can tell lies even to a higher authority, they can comfortably sit and gossip with no fear. I meant what I just said, I have them around.

So where am I driving at? Because of such people, many non-believers have seen us as hypocrites. Instead of the church or Christian leaders or parents, paying all of their attention to those outward doctrines, why not let us start paying a larger percent of the attention to emphasizing on loving god and having the fear of God. The more a believer loves and fears God, the more of God’s nature he/she begins to share. Moreover, you cannot love God and not want to spend quality time with Him. You cannot be spending quality time with God and not be transformed over the time. Your transformation will start from within (the heart) and reflect on the outside as time goes on.

At this stage of transformation, there are some clothing you will be not be able to put on again and there are some places you will not be able to go again. In fact, without anybody telling you, you will cut off from certain friends, habits, lifestyle, etc. As a lover of God, you will then realize that you need to represent Him well even with your looks. When you get to this level, nothing becomes too difficult to do away with because of your love for God. You do not feel compelled or obligated; rather you do those things for love’s sake.

This is the level we all should aspire and encourage others as well to get to that level; enough of people having the form of godliness but denying the power thereof. Do not teach your children, members, friends, staff, etc. ordinary doctrines that do not equal salvation, rather teach them to love and fear God and see if such people will not be transformed even to the outside and even beyond your imagination.

Remember, what goes inside a man does not defile a man; rather it is what comes out from the inside. Selah!


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Ibukun Abraham is a lover of God who desires to see the kingdom of God established on earth in the lives of men. She is an inspirational writer with a passion to empower teenagers to discover and fulfill God's purpose for their lives.

Ibukun who authors Path to Love Teens loves to make people happy and hopeful in this world where hope seems lost.

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