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Gratitude Journal

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Recently I was going through my things and I found an old book I had tagged GRATITUDE JOURNAL. I opened it, started reading stuff, which I wrote some time ago and ended up crying.

Yes, I cried; and at the same time, I found myself laughing. You know that kind of feeling you get when you are overwhelmed with diverse emotions. You don’t know if you should laugh or cry; so you just end up doing both. That was exactly how I felt.

It happened that earlier in the year, I had many challenges, which made me cry myself to sleep most of the nights. Nothing was working, or at least so I thought. My goals largely remained unmet and there were no signs that things were going to get better. I needed a good job but I wasn’t getting any and my bank account was in the red. It wasn’t a good way to start the year and there were no signs to call the year a beautiful one.

I didn’t know what to do. I had applied in several places all to no avail and was devastated. Then, God started speaking to me through Isaiah 26:3 which says, “You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You. Because he trusts in You”.

It was the scripture I needed at that time because I was troubled and didn’t have peace at all. How could I have peace when my mind was stayed on my problems?

Each time I tried to think on God’s word, a voice would come calling out “Remember your problems; you have no job, you have no new achievements… look at your lack. Look at this… look at that” and thoughts like that. When thoughts like this come, I got depressed immediately.

Then, one day, I decided to acknowledge everything God has done for me instead of focusing on my problems. I got a book and wrote boldly on it “GRATITUDE JOURNAL”. That was the beginning of my happiness.

I wrote down everything for which I was grateful: for life, for health, for my loved ones, for the joy of salvation and for the gift of today.

Then, I also wrote little things that happened to me for which I was grateful. Each day, I found something to be thankful.

This changed my perspective about life; I see more reasons why I am blessed.

Moreover, when next the devil came reminding me of my failures, I would pick my book and read to him all the things God had done for me for which I was grateful. Then, the voice would silently fade away.

As Dr. David Oyedepo would always say “If you have lost anything, God is the reason you have not lost everything” and “When you thank God for his arm, you see His outstretched arm”.

If you must have a list for your yearly goals, please first have a gratitude journal for counting your past and daily blessings.



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Femi Sobayo a treasure and wisdom seeking organism, believes that in us all, are in-exhaustive deposits of God-given treasures for the profiting unto the Maker. Hence, we should live full and die empty.

He is the author of Treasures-in-Jar of clay

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