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A Word For Your Vision

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God never gives you a vision you’ll accomplish with a tap of your finger. No! He makes them bigger than you; so you’ll realize how much you need him for the work. God never gives an assignment that doesn’t require him; it is not by power, not by might but by his spirit.

In fact, you may be a virgin in your new vision. You’ve never done it before! Have you ever considered Mary the mother of Jesus? Yes, Virgin Mary! She hadn’t done it before and God said, “You shall have a son…” That looks like a fantasy. Doesn’t it?

The angel revealed a ‘fantasy’. Like the human being she was, she checked if it was logical, “How can this be, seeing that I’m a virgin?” Little did Mary know that God actually needed someone who hadn’t done it before. Mary believed it! “Be it unto me, according to your words”, she said.

How big is your dream? How big is your vision? How wild is that thing you call a fantasy? Do yourself a favour; BELIEVE IT. If your decoder was good enough to receive it, you can execute it.

The angel explained further when Mary asked, “How can this be?” “This is how it works,” he said, “This is obviously bigger than you; you can’t do it on your own. So, first, the Spirit of God will come upon you, and the power of the most high will overshadow you…remember not by power, not by might, but by the spirit of God.”

I don’t know the nature of your vision. I don’t know the field he’s sending you. However, I’m sure if you compare it with getting pregnant without sex, you’ll find similarities. The first thing you need to know is that such visions will only manifest by the spirit of God; it’s never a function of muscles. Without you giving the Holy Spirit a place, you dreams will end up a fantasy. Without the Holy Spirit- our heaven sent helper, your vision will (not may) escort you back to heaven.

The angel gave the second and equally essential clue; so short and proverbial. Sharp Mary! She got the message.

“What’s more, your relative Elizabeth has become pregnant in her old age. People used to say she was barren, but now, she’s in her sixth month. For nothing is impossible with God.” What a clue! Does it look like a clue to you? Look out! Someone else, Elizabeth had a wilder vision than hers, and it’s now a reality. Gabriel gave Mary a testimony, a mentor, an encourager, and a friend.

Just a few days later, Mary changed environment. Mary changed her company. She moved to live with Elizabeth who was also nursing a wild vision. As Mary greeted Elizabeth, the baby in Elizabeth’s womb leaped. Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. The babies seemingly saluted each other. Both visions charged up each other. What a mystery! Just a greeting, from a friend who believes in your vision, who has the spirit of God, can go a long way in you manifesting your visions. How can you carry a God given vision and move with friends who salute you wrongly and expect to manifest? Your company matters!

The many words that came out of Elizabeth’s mouth did more than a confirmation that Mary’s vision was real. Mary became so sure, that she magnified God for the manifestation of such a wild vision. Elizabeth had a testimony. Move with people that have testimonies. People who will tell you that God is able to do whatever He says He would do. People who won’t tell you, “Wake up, it’s just a dream; if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.”

Elizabeth was elderly. Move with elders. Elders have had experiences. Elizabeth was godly. Move with godly people. If you must fulfill that dream, locate your Elizabeth. For all visions, there is an Elizabeth allocated.

Mary stayed with Elizabeth for three months. By three months, a pregnant woman can no longer deny it. Do you realize that Mary conceived by faith? Elizabeth was just the best company for such pregnancy. If she had been with people who sang to her daily, “Mary, you can’t be pregnant without sex,” she probably would have lost it. Elizabeth called Mary, “The mother of my Lord.” She heard that each day and by three months, it was undeniably established.

I don’t know the kind of vision you carry today. Yes, I know you haven’t done it before. I know you don’t have the resources. Just believe it. Wise & rich men from foreign countries left their companies, shut down their accounts & located Mary to bless the vision.

Your resources are coming! Just believe!



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Tobi Olowookere is the author of gracedpages where some of his thought provoking inspirations are documented.

A graced writer, Tobi believes that no matter what it takes, everyone must carry out their God assigned responsibilities. He's committed to writing and speaking to his generation on this subject.

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