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There Is Room For You

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Only three years ago, I did not know about Victoria Orenze. In a couple of months I have heard her name over and again and then I finally saw her when she worshipped at the Church I attend. I thought to myself, there is always going to be a room for you if you want.

You know years ago, it seemed like Jim Iyke had acted all that there is to act in English Nollywood movies, but then the Soji Ajibade, the Uti Nwachukwu sprang up and are doing fantastically well, and we have never mourned the times of Jim Iyke.

My very intelligent Uncle said to me recently, whether you like it or not the next generation is going to force you off the stage at some point. I am just saying that you don’t have to worry that Chimamanda Adichie has written all that is to be written in books, that Frank Edwards has sung all that is to sing, or that Oluwatobi Ogundele has styled all that is to style in aso òkè; if you start NOW, you will still carve your niche.

And one amazing thing about God is that he created your audience when he created you. It does not matter how well you explain the awesomeness of Pastor Poju Oyemade, some people will never be enthralled by him. And they do not have to! Don’t worry about how your father drooled over King Sunny Ade or Ebenezer Obey or Wole Soyinka or Isaac Kehinde Dairo, take your place on time, ìgbàlonígbánlò.

I am waiting for when 90% of my music collections will be sung by people in my network. I enjoyed listening to my friend’s personal worship moment. I asked her to simply record her moment of worship for me, no studio effect, nothing. I trust her and her commitment to God.

I am going to make do with the graces and talents in my network because they are God’s intentional gifts to me.

There is always room to spend your calling.

** Editor’s note:

  1. Names mentioned here do not transmit to endorsement


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Akinwumi Adeoye of Akinwumi's Handwritings is a young lady, who's found passion for reading and writing since her teen years.

A God addict, she is thrilled by new words and beautiful writings

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