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How Believers Should Give Under Grace 2

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In the part one of this teaching, I spoke about two key things that should guide our giving as new covenant believers living under grace. The first is that we should give as we purpose or decide in our hearts (2 Corinthians 9:7). There is no place for forcing people to give under the covenant of grace. The second and very important consideration in giving is the leading of the Holy Spirit. Each one of us should learn to give, as we are led of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is our number one guide under the new covenant (John 16:13). Having established these points, there are a few other things that will enhance our understanding of how we should give as believers in Christ.

First, our giving should never be considered as an obligation without which God will punish us. Let me say this loud and clear, God will not punish you for not giving. Yes, He won’t. Most people give with the negative motivation that God will punish them for not paying tithe or for not giving offering. That mindset doesn’t line up with the foundational truth of the new covenant, which predicated on grace. All the punishment that anyone of us can ever get as been put on Christ. God is not going to punish you for not giving. It is good to give to your church, a ministry, or humanitarian courses and I encourage it. However, you should give because it is the right thing and it is in the spirit of grace in Christ not because you are afraid of being punished by God. In fact, when we give, we are living out the grace of God in our lives.

Grace is generosity manifested to humanity. What other better way is there to manifest the grace, which we have in Christ than through generous and kindhearted giving? Giving should be an outflow of the grace of God that is operational in our lives. If we understand the grace of God under which we live, we will be far more generous givers than trying to give to avoid the consequences of not giving. I would rather give as a manifestation of the grace of God in my life than giving out of fear of consequences. When we begin to give as people under grace, the world will see a new breed of givers that their giving goes beyond comprehension and explanation. They will see an outflow of the grace of God under which we are living in Christ.

If you get the point I am making here you will never give again as a way of avoiding some punishments from God and you will become the best king of giver possible. It is grace at work. Grace is not bound by the law and is not limited by fear. Under grace, we can spread our wings and allow the generosity of God to flow to the world through us. This is the very essence of the gospel of Christ. Living generously and free of fear is a true definition of grace.

The point I am making here is not whether to give or not to give. It is very clear that grace is the true foundation of giving without holding back. The point I am making is that we should give as ones under grace and giving through grace but not as people under the law who are trying to give to fulfill the law and avoid the consequences of not giving. Since we are saved by grace through Christ, our giving should also be done through grace in Christ. When you grasp this truth, all fear will disappear from your heart and your giving will come with fulfillment because it is flowing out of grace. You and I should be grace givers.


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Sanmi Akintayo is a teacher of the Word of God and shows people how to live a victorious and purposeful life with a commitment to see people become all that God wants them to be.

Akintayo is the author of WordAlive, Real Leaders, CAMPUSXTIANS and the book Overcoming The Devil By The Word of God.

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