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The Summary Of Life

grenepages_Samuel Adeseko REFLECTIONS_The Summary Of LifeI like to think I am the best,
Until I saw my best at work,
Alas my challenge still unresolved,
Then I knew I need a help.

Though, in time I felt aloft,
For I did improve in life,
Then in new challenge I’m found,
Again, I learnt that life is war.

To win I need to be myself,
And care also for those in need,
Giving and sharing the things I have,
My joy in life to keep alive.

Broad is the way that leads astray,
Though it’s hidden you find a link,
To win your fear you say it’s right,
Until in abyss you find yourself.

Narrow and strait, we know for fact,
Is the road that leads to life,
Though it be before your eyes,
You look away ignoring it.


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Samuel Adeolu Adeseko has a flair for painting and writing. Wired and configured with passion for knowledge sharing, he shares what he knows with anyone who sees learning process as a continuous circle of growth. He writes, a little for now, loves and appreciates arts and creative works. As a lover of family and good deed, among his life goals is helping people, - at least in his own little capacity.

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