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Intentional Parenting

grenepages_Wunmi Falodun MY LIVING HOPE_Intentional ParentingSometime ago, I saw two kids (a boy and a girl) fighting. The boy was hitting the young girl's chest violently. I overheard him say, "I'll beat out your chest down." I stepped in, scolded him so much before I even cared to listen to what transpired or who was at fault. Then I schooled him on being responsible, gentlemanly and civilized. I belong to that school of thought that no matter what, do not ever get physical, not to talk of hitting a woman.
My experience with these kids got me thinking: I may never meet those children again in my life, but they can meet my own children, anywhere anytime. I have quite a number of children around me, and I just cannot imagine any one of them being treated in such a barbaric manner without defense.
Indeed, it takes two people to bring forth a child, but it takes the whole community to raise that child.
The hope and future of the next generation depends largely on the present generation. We are to lead them right and show them the way. If we do not catch them young, they will definitely go astray.
Do not be tempted to overlook a child's shenanigans next time you see one, you just might be saving a generation from danger. You just might be securing your child's future. No matter how well brought up your own children are, the children they mix with, make friends with or even marry will to a large extent determine the viability and durability of all they learnt at home.
My doctor sister once called me and said her patient gave her a dirty slap.
"Guess what? This patient was an 18 months old baby!" The first question I asked her was, "And what did you do?" She said, "Nothing, I just smiled, his mother was there, smiling."
That did not go down too well with me. If an 18 months old baby is wise enough to slap an adult, she should be grown enough to receive just two taps at the back of her hands.
On the other hand, I was on the phone with my sister, my 16 months old nephew sneezed, his mother said, "Bless you" and he responded, "Thank you!" How amazing!

These children need to be trained and raised. However, much more than that, they need to be prayed for.
We are not to get bothered about our children mixing with the wrong kind of children; we are to be deliberate about TAMING THEIR TERRAINS.
Since I learnt this secret, I pray for all the children around me like a complete crazy woman.
We are to commit their sojourn all through life to the hands of the all-knowing God. Pray for them before you have them, come against all evil friends, ungodly relationships and friendships, heartbreaks, their handwriting, intellect, vision and purpose in life, their academics and careers, their marriages, their organs, all their body systems and what have you.
One thing is sure, the effectual fervent prayers of a righteous man or woman avails much. Our faith is not in faith nor in prayers, but in God and God alone. Faithful is He that calleth who also will do it.
There is hope for your children; there is hope in their future.


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‘Wunmi Falodun is a diligent and an addicted lover of God who believes in possibilities and interventions who does her best to live a simple Christian life by the help of God.

Alive to the responsibilities of divine greatness inherent in her and charged with the message of hope, she believes there are no hopeless situations with God.

Visit her website at www.mylivinghopealternatives.org

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