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Due Process

grenepages_Wunmi Falodun MY LIVING HOPE_Due ProcessSometime ago, my goddaughter dropped by to say hello. Because she had not seen me for a while, she refused to play with me, come close to me, neither did she allow me carry her.
She studied me for a while and we eventually began playing, then out of excitement, I threw her up happily and she responded with the loudest shout/cry I have ever heard in my life.
I became both confused and afraid and I asked her mother, "Don't you play with her like that?" She responded, "We do, she just doesn't trust you that much yet."
"Wow! My 11 months old daughter understands the concept of trust and discernment much more than I do?" I could not help but ask myself.
She understands that these things take time. How often do we jump the gun and circumvent the process without 'testing all spirits' simply because we're excited and emotional? In addition, we end up in places God never intended for us. We conclude about seasons, people, circumstances or what have you based on assumptions, without finding out, without being led by the spirit of God. Our emotions are capable of clouding our sense of reasoning and can very well prevent us from hearing from God.
Some things in life take time and there is nothing we can do about that, other than to give it time. Stop trying to rush the process. Time and the Holy Spirit reveal a whole lot to people. The process is good for every one of us; it reveals a lot and prevents us from unnecessary mishaps and happenstance.
When next you are tempted to jump the gun or do things irrationality, stop and think of the benefits of following due processes.


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‘Wunmi Falodun is a diligent and an addicted lover of God who believes in possibilities and interventions who does her best to live a simple Christian life by the help of God.

Alive to the responsibilities of divine greatness inherent in her and charged with the message of hope, she believes there are no hopeless situations with God.

Visit her website at www.mylivinghopealternatives.org

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