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Consciously Make It Happen

grenepages_Femi Sobayo TREASURES-IN-JAR OF CLAY_Consciously Make It HappenWhether you know it, acknowledge it, appreciate it, cherish it, or ignore it, some things are independent of your consent, they just happen. You don't have business asking why they happened, encouraging them not to happen or creating barriers to prevent them from happening; they just happen!
Electricity does not ask you for permission before electrocuting you if you touch a life-wire; it is in its nature to do so. It does not even count if you work with the power company; just respect yourself by respecting a charged life-wire.
If you miss stepping on the next rung of a ladder as you climb a three-storey building, gravity does not ask if you don't mind falling. Even if your middle name is "Anti-gravity", gravity is no respecter of persons! Gravity just happens.
Fire has no business with your approval to burn if you trespass into its territory. Its business is not to seek your approval, but for it to consume trespassers.
So don't sit back and ask, “Why me?” Oh, so you think that everything should roll around you by default? Everything just happens. They are not committed to you UNTIL you CONSCIOUSLY take steps to benefit from their 'happening-ness'.
That's why Electricity was harnessed to give us light, to cook us beans and fry us plantain, to wash our clothes and iron our clothes, to dry our women's hair and condition our air.
Gravity was harnessed to provide us flight and fire also harnessed for our benefits.
Don't sit on the cushion chair relaxed expecting your life to take its toll towards your desire; harness it with God actively engaged with you.
Life is good!


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Femi Sobayo a treasure and wisdom seeking organism, believes that in us all, are in-exhaustive deposits of God-given treasures for the profiting unto the Maker. Hence, we should live full and die empty.

He is the author of Treasures-in-Jar of clay

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